Goodwood Revival

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Petrol-head heaven, but with more style

Screaming racecars, '40s, '50s and '60s period dress, howling jet engine displays and live band. 'A magical step back in time' as Goodwood describe it, doesn't quite do it justice.

Freddie March, the ninth Duke of Richmond was an amateur racer who created the Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit after the second world war. He set a legacy in September 1948 by racing around his newly formed circuit in a Bristol 400.

70 years later, his grandson, Charles Gordon Lennox continues this motor racing legacy with the world renowned historic racing event, Goodwood Revival.

Before You Arrive

Like any well organised event, information is provided before you arrive. However the Earl of March doesn't just send you anything as informal as an email.

Within a specially designed booklet, you are given:

  • Beautiful illustrations

  • Explanation on the history of the event

  • A period dress guideline

  • 'Road Fund-exempt' car park instructions

  • Pleasure flight information

  • Historic photographs

  • Tickets!

The next step up from this information pack would be a hand written letter.

Car Park

If you are a classic car fan but you can't splash out on the Goodwood Revival tickets next year, go anyway. You could park up in the car park and spend an entire day looking at the rarest and most exotic vehicles the world has ever seen.

What to wear?

Goodwood provide guidelines for what to wear as well as a online store where you can buy overalls which are always a safe bet for the revival! There are some incredible dresses and suits to be seen at the revival and those not in fancy dress are definitely in the minority.


The weekend is split into different race days spanning from Friday to Sunday. With over 14 trophies up for grabs, including my favourite, the Whitsun Trophy. This blistering race features the fastest cars throughout the weekend, including some of the loudest Ford GT40's ever made.

The Kinrara trophy is also not to be missed, with Jaguar E-types rubbing shoulders with Ferrari 250's for the battle to be number one. The race commentator stated that the grid had an estimated value of £200 million! I wonder what the insurance premiums are?

Other Things to see

Walk beneath the racetrack through the underground tunnel to visit the pit area. This is a rare opportunity at any motoring event and a brilliant chance to get up close to vintage race cars. If there isn't a strong wind, theres a smell of race fuel and nostalgia that you will never forget!

Walk past the pits and head towards the aero club to see the aviation display, as well as pleasure rides and illusive guests arriving by helicopter. Along with the vintage airplanes there are US military jeeps driving around the perimeter of the airstrip giving rides to US military servicemen. As you watch them, it's difficult to remember that you are in the 21st century.

The aviation area is also the only place I have ever witnessed a floor mounted jet engine howling to a crowd watching on in awe, a must see!

If there is only one UK event you can make it to this year, Goodwood Revival is unforgettable and one of a kind!

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